Institute of cell biology
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Institute of Cell biology



Institute of Cell Biology 

The main scientific topic is the study of epithelial cell biolology.  The research activity is focused on urothelial differentiation, proliferation and cell death. Special attention is paid to urothelial carcinogenesis, tissue regeneration, transepithelial resistance and internalisation of nanoparticles as vehicles for application of cytostatics and antibiotics. Markers of urothelial differentiation are analysed: i.e. uroplakins, cytoskeleton, molecular components of cell-cell and cell-substrate adhesion. The traffic of endomembrane compartments in urothelial cells is studied by endocytic tracers and by immunolabelling.


Methods of light and electron microscopy as well as biochemical methods are used:  fluorescence microscopy,  transmission and scanning electron microscopy, freeze-fracturing, immunofluorescence and immunoelectron microscopy, Western blotting as well as transfection methods and cell and tissue culturing.





Prof. Peter Veranič Ph. D. (Head)

Assoc. Prof. Mateja Erdani Kreft Ph. D.

Research and professional co-workers:

Prof. Rok Romih Ph. D.

Assist. Prof.  Andreja Erman Ph. D.

Assist. Prof.  Daša Zupančič Ph. D.

Assist.  Samo Hudoklin Ph. D.

Assist. Nataša Resnik Ph. D.

Assist. Tanja Višnjar Ph. D.

Researcher Urška Dragin Jerman Ph. D.

Researcher Larisa Tratnjek Ph. D.

PhD student Taja Železnik Ramuta



Linda Štrus

Nada Pavlica Dubarič

Sabina Železnik

Sanja Čabraja



Marina Jeriha



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