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Mateja Erdani Kreft

Institute of cell biology

Teaching Assignments

Associate Professor of Cell Biology

Undergraduate and postgraduate studies

Cell Biology (Uniform master's degree study program General Medicine and Dental Medicine, MF, UL)

Medical Cell Biology (Uniform master's degree study program General Medicine and Dental Medicine, MF, UL)

Cell Biology (University first cycle study program Microbiology, BF, UL)

Cell Biology (University first cycle study program Biochemistry, FKKT, UL)

Cell Biological Basis of Regenerative Medicine (Professional Bachelor's program in Physiotherapy, Professional Bachelor's program in occupational therapy, University study program of First Instance Sanitary Engineering, ZF, UL)

Tissue engineering in research studies and regenerative medicine (Uniform master's degree study program General Medicine and Dental Medicine, MF, UL)


Interdisciplinary Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine

Medical cell biology (basic course)

Cell Cultures in Research studies and Regenerative Medicine (individual research subject)


Interdisciplinary Doctoral Programme in Biosciences

Dynamics of Cell Architecture (basic course)

Correlative Microscopy (individual research subject)


Study Materials/ Readings 

  • Cell Biology (2015), Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana
  • Cell Biology - Atlas of Micrographs (2013, 2015), Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana
  • Cell Biology with the Basics of Classical Genetics (2008, 2013), Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana
  • Cell Cultures in Research and Regenerative medicine, doctoral studies Biomedicine, University of Ljubljana (2012)
  • Correlative microscopy - lectures and Correlative Microscopy - exercises for Interdisciplinary Doctoral Programme in Biosciences, University of Ljubljana (2012).
  • Cell Biology with Genetics (2011), Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana


Research Interests

Research interests:

 -        the establishment and use of models in vitro, which enable analysis of the cell-biological mechanisms of proliferation and differentiation of cells in normal and disease                 states

-        analysis of the dynamics of endocytosis in urothelial cells and other types of epithelial cells

-        analysis of the transmembrane transport of integral proteins

-        analysis of the reorganization of the Golgi apparatus, plasma membrane and cytoskeleton

-        studying the mechanisms of development and the role of tunneling membrane nanotubes

-        analysis of the long-term impact of nanoparticles on different cell types


Methodological expertise:

cell and tissue engineering, establishment of normal and cancer cell models in vitro, light microscopy (fluorescence, confocal, optical sectioning and 3D reconstruction and analysis of samples), electron microscopy (transmission and scanning electron microscopy), correlative microscopy, freeze fracture replica immunolabeling (FRIL), nuclear microinjection, chemical transfection methods, methods of studying endocytosis, immunolabeling.


Participation in current research projects:

J3-7494           Tunneling nanotubes for innovative urinary bladder cancer treatments (project leader of basic research project)

J1-7302           Nanoteranostcs based on magnetically responsive materials (basic research project)

J4-7162           Use of egerolizin proteins for detection and pest control (basic research project)

J2-6760           Bio-response systems based on magneto-optically coupled nanomaterials for innovative treatment of skin cancer (basic research project)

J3-6794           The cell energy metabolism as a target for the treatment of cancer? genetic and pharmacological approach (basic research project)

J2-6758           Development and in vitro characterization of multimodal nanoparticles for delivery of active ingredients and labeling of cells (basic research project)


Professional Assignments

-        Member of the Editorial Board of Journal Bladder

-        Member of the Commission for the commission exams for the subject Cell Biology, Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Food Science and Technology

-        Reviewer of bachelor, master and doctoral theses

-        Reviewer of textbooks and original scientific and review articles in the Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Cell Communication and Signalling, Developmental Biology, Molecular Pharmaceutics, PlosOne, Tissue Engineering, Tumor Biology, Expert Opinion On Biological Therapy, Cell and Tissue Banking, Cell and Tissue Research


Membership in learned societies:

1991- Natural History Society of Slovenia

2004- Cell and Tissue Engineering Society of Slovenia

2006- Slovenian Biological Society

2008- Slovenian Microscopical Society

2010- Slovenian Biochemical Society

2004, 2007, 2012 Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Society (TERMIS)

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