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Peter Veranič

Contact data

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Peter Veranič

Institute of cell biology

Research Interests

Area of research work:

Regeneration of urothelium in in vivo and in vitro model systems

- Contact intercellular communication by tunnel nanotubes and extracellular vesicles

- Theranostics of tumours with specific targeting of membrane raft domains

- Targeted delivery of nanoparticles to tumour cells

- Innovative methods for treatment of bacterial cystitis

Technical expertise:

fluorescence microscopy, optical sectioning and 3D reconstruction of cell structures, scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, ex vivo model systems of epithelia for studies of intercellular connections


Professional Assignments

Head of the Institute of Cell Biology, Faculty of Medicine

Head of the Infrastructural centre Biomedical Centre of Microscopy BMCM

Coordinator of the SPS initiative ZZ MED (Translational medicine)

Representative for Slovenia at ELMI (European Light Microscopy Initiative)

Member of the Program Council at the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Programme in BIOSCIENCES 

Coordinator of the first year of Master study of General Medicine and Dental Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana




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