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Basic Information for Medical ERASMUS Students

The Chair of Neurology leads the course "Nervous system". The course is repeated 3 times during each academic year (Blocks I, II and III). The start and the end of each block for the academic year 2017/2018 is as follows:


1st BLOCK: 02. 10. - 03. 11. 2017

2nd BLOCK: 08. 01. - 09. 02. 2018

3rd BLOCK: 26. 03. - 26. 04. 2018


ERASMUS students participate in the 1st Block and accordingly all lectures, seminars and practicums for this block are presented entirely in english.


Student group assignments for the 1st Block:

Student groups for the 1st set of lectures


"Nervous System" schedule for the Academic year 2017/2018


A detailed description of the abbreviations and an explanation of the schedule can be found on the last page of the above pdf document. We do not exclude the possibility of changes in the schedule (locations of events, topics etc.) Please subscribe to our google group to stay informed regarding such changes.



For the successful study of the exam it’s recommended all the learning material, which was presented through the Nervous System course by lectures, seminars and practicums.

The main textbook is Clinical Neurology (Fowler & Scadding, 2003 or Scadding & Losseff, 2011 and 2012). For the integration of neuroanatomical and neurophysiological knowledge with the clinical topics it’s recommended the textbook Topical Diagnosis in Neurology (Duus, Ed. 1997 or 2012). And for the study of the clinical examinations we advise the textbook Neurological Examination Made Easy (Fuller, 2004).



The Chair of neurology has a google group that is freely open to all students. It mainly serves as a mailing list to keep our study body informed about last-minute changes to the schedule and other important events. We suggest that you join this group for the duration of your study.


1. If you have a GOOGLE ACCOUNT:

Log into your account and find "GOOGLE GROUPS", search for the group  "Katedra_za_Nevrologijo" and join it.


2. If you do not have GMAIL:

Send an email to this exact address: "". The content of the email is not important, you will be automatically added to the group. A few seconds after you send the email you will get a response to which you have to reply (content again not important). Finally you will receive a confirmatory email that you've been successfully added to the group. to unsubscribe just send another email to the address above and merely replyce subscribe with +unsubscribe.


A few important points:

- Lectures and seminars are held at either the "Wooden lecture hall" (Lesena predavalnica, LP) or at one of the lecture halls on the basement level of the Neurology clinic (abbreviations on schedule: ZDR1, ZDR2, SEM, VAJA1, VAJA2). A map of these two locations can be found here.

- At the end of the second week students will be required to pass a "Clinical examination colloquium". Participation on practicums is not possible withouth passing this colloquium.

- The neurology exam will be held after the block. ERASMUS students take these exams at the same time and in the same location as the slovene-speaking students, the only difference is that ERASMUS exams are in english. Failing the exam will mean your next chance won't come around for another 3 months.

- Each student will receive a STUDENT ACTIVITY FORM. Your student activity form is very important as it keeps a record of all your obligatory activities (great monday seminar, other seminars, practicums, DOŠ). These activities must be completed before you can attent the Neurology exam. You must present this form to your examiner before the oral exam begins, so please DO NOT LOOSE YOUR ACTIVITY FORM!


Any questions, problems or comments you might encounter may be directed to the office of the Chair of Neurology through this EMAIL.

Vrazov trg 2, 1104 Ljubljana, Slovenija -- telefon: +386 1 543 7700, faks: +386 1 543 7701 -- e-pošta:

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