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25.9. - 29.9.2017


Neuroradiology, Head and neck radiology

Coordinator: doc.dr.Katarina Šurlan Popovič

The aim is to familiarise students with the established approaches and most recent achievements in diagnostic imaging and interventional procedures related to neuroradiology and head and neck radiology.

Tutorial is structured in organ oriented interactive lecture. Basic neuroanatomy, general disease categories of traumatic, infectious, neoplastic, vascular, congenital, demyelinating diseases of the brain and spine will be covered. The tutorial encompasses the broad spectrum of neuroradiology practice updates in new trends and relevant imaging techniques.

Musculoskeletal radiology

Coordinator: doc.dr.Vladka Salapura

Musculoskeletal radiology will be presented through 5 different lectures. Lectures will contain specific areas of musculoskeletal radiology. The main purpose of the lectures is to systematically present the main areas of musculoskeletal radiology with emphasis on modern role of radiology in diagnostics and therapy of MSC system.

They will be divided into: Degenerative changes of the musculoskeletal system; Rheumatology disorders and the role of imaging for seropositive and seronegative arthritis; Tumours of the musculoskeletal system; Basic concept of imaging in trauma of the musculoskeletal system; The role of interventional radiology in treatment of advanced stages of malignant disease.

Interventional radiology

Coodinator: dr.Dimitrij Kuhelj

The role of modern Interventional radiology (IR) (vascular and non-vascular procedures) will be presented to students. The most common diagnostic methods and procedures, necessary for safe and indicated refferal of patients to IR will be explained, including anatomical, laboratory and pathological requirements for IR procedures.

Minimally invasive terapeutic and diagnostic IR procedures, based on clinical indications, will be discussed. The presentation will include recorded video presentations and IR material specimens. The presentation will result in students'  understanding of the concept of modern IR. 

Radiology of thorax and cardiovascular system

Coordinator: asist.Matjaž Vrtovec

The scope is to familiarise students with the established approaches and specific areas of thoracic and cardiovascular radiology.

Tutorial is structured of  5 lectures and 2 visits including: Basic anatomy of the thorax and cardiovascular system trough native digital x-ray of chest and heart, CT of the lung : overview and most common pathology, CT of the heart and big vessels: »prime-time« indications and interesting cases, Examinations of the cardiovascular system in nuclear medicine, MR of the cardiovascular system, overview and visits to the CT, MR, SPECT and  PET suites.

Abdominal radiology

Coordinator: doc.dr.Peter Popovič

The section of abdominal radiology provides a full range of diagnostic imaging as well as diagnostic and therapeutic procedures related to the abdomen, pelvis, gastrointestinal, and genitourinary tract. The goal is to offer the student an opportunity to observe how abdominal radiology contributes to patient care. Hopes are that the student acquires an appreciation for the various imaging modalities (ultrasound, computed tomography, magnetic resonance) and their application in the evaluation of abdominal disease.

The learning objectives are to become familiar with the clinical presentation and natural history of the most common abdominal pathologies, to understand the basic technical requirements of cross-sectional imaging of the abdomen and to differentiate between benign, malignant and acute abdominal conditions.

Tutorial is structured of four lectures and an ultrasound hands-on workshop.

 Radiology of breast

Coordinator: asist.dr.Maja Marolt Mušič

During breast imaging tutorial breast anatomy according to different imaging techniques will be discussed. The basic benign and malignant pathology will be covered. The BI RADS classification will introduce.

Different biopsy methods and localization techniques of impalpable breast lesions will be discussed.  The lectures will be partly interactive.


Knowledge evaluation: written exam on 15th of October at 8.30 in Veliki seminar, Clinical institute of radiology, Medical university center Ljubljana.


David A. Lisle: Imaging for students Fourth edition. Books are available in Medical faculty library.





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