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Presentation of the subject Forensic medicine with Deontology



Head of the Chair: Assist. Prof.  Tomaž Zupanc ( (tel. +386 1 5437235)

Teachers: MD, PhD Jože Balažic (, Assist. Prof. Tomaž Zupanc (

Assistants: Assist. Prof. Armin Alibegović (, Senior Research Collaborator Irena Zupanič Pajnič (, Assist. Gregor Haring (gregor.haring, Assist. Jezerka Inkret , Assist. Tina Čakš Golec, (,


Secretary of the Chair: Andreja Zagorc (



Students will recognize the basics of classical forensic medicine from the mechanisms of natural and violent death, signs of death, basics of identification, mechanisms of injuries and their forensic medical characteristics. They will be acquainted with physical and gunshot injuries, asphyxia and basics of forensic toxicology and hematology. They will learn about legislation, both medical and penal together with the basics of expert work with the emphasis on evaluation of bodily injuries. In lectures they will learn about emergency states which could result in criminal responsibility or compensation liability and will be acquainted with moral, ethical and deontological principles in the work of physicians and general practitioners. Students will upgrade and associate their knowledge from all pre-clinical subjects and from the majority of clinical subjects, reinforce their knowledge of shock, acquire the basics of a physician's work in exceptional circumstances and will be acquainted with the tasks of a physician in infanticide and will be acquainted with physicianʼs error and iatrogenic injuries.


Lectures: 25 hours – lecture theatre at the Institute of physiology or course room at the Institute of forensic medicine (Slovenian language).


Seminars: 11 hours – lecture theatre at the Institute of physiology or course room at the Institute of forensic medicine (Slovenian or English language).

The seminars are obligatory.


Courses: 40 hours – course room, mortuary, and medical examination room at the Institute of forensic medicine. For the course of forensic autopsy the group is divided into two parts (English language).

The courses are obligatory.


Final exam:

  1. (official date for the registration at VIS or with agreement)
  2. April 16th or other date with agreement


Final exam is in writing. It is necessary to take the body fluids from the corpse independently before the final exam.



Literature for preparation to the exam:


  1. 1.       Vincent J. Di Maio, Dominick DiMaio: Forensic Pathology (2nd Edition)
  2. 2.       Vincent J.M. DiMaio and Suzanna E. Dana: Handbook of Forensic Pathology (2nd Edition).
  3. Bernard Knight: Forensic Pathology.
  4. B. Brinkmann, B. Madea: Handbuch Gerichtliche Medizin 1.
  5. B. Madea, B. Brinkmann: Handbuch Gerichtliche Medizin 2.


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