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Natisni Nastavitve

International exchange students

Dear Erasmus Students!


Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ljubljana was established in 1919 and is currently the primary institution for medical education and research in Slovenia. Already twenty years the Faculty of Medicine actively participates in EU "Lifelong Learning Programme". Education and research are conducted in the field of Medicine and Dental medicine at undergraduate and in the field of biomedical sciences at postgraduate studies. About 1600 medicine and dental medicine students at undergraduate level are currently enrolled at Faculty of Medicine.


We are more than happy that in the last years we have received more and more exchange students who spend a semester or two at our Faculty. We are proud that we can host students from different countries and so learn each year about different cultures and get to know enthusiastic students. Since the number of incoming students is increasing each year, the good reputation about the Erasmus programme at the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana aparently travelles fast.


Dear students, you are more than welcomed to join us in the Erasmus experience in Ljubljana! We hope meeting you in Ljubljana in the next years! You can find all iformation about the Erasmus+ exchange programme here.


Jerneja Čelofiga, Msc         

Head of the International Office                                                  


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tomaž Marš

Erasmus+ Departmental Coordinator





Jerneja Čelofiga, MSc

International Office MF

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