Healthcare Diagnostics

The Department of Healthcare diagnostics of the Faculty of Medicine consists of:

  • Institute of Microbiology and Immunology, headed by the head asoc. prof. dr. Miroslav Petrovec. Healthcare diagnostics represents the implementation of more than 600 different advanced laboratory diagnostic tests for the evidence of microbial agents of infectious diseases and their sensitivity. resistance to antimicrobials and to the detection of a congenital and acquired antimicrobial immune response.
  • Institute of Pathology, led by the head asoc. prof. dr. Jože Pižem, represents the Slovenian highest ranking institution in the field of pathology. The Institute includes diagnostic surgical and internistic biopsy pathology, cytology and autopsy.
  • The Institute of Forensic Medicine, headed by the head prof. dr. Jože Balažic specializes in the field of forensic medicine, which includes a mortuary service, an autopsy, a toxicological laboratory, and the implementation of a 24-hour emergency service in the field of their activities.
  • Individual centers and laboratories for professional healthcare activities are also systemized within the Department for professional activities.


Institute of Pathology

Institute of Forensic Medicine

Institute of Microbiology and Immunology