UL Faculty of Medicine organises two uniform master`s programes of Medicine and Dental medicine.

UL Faculty of Medicine also collaborates in the provision of two interdisciplinary Master`s courses - Cognitive science in Applied Statistics.

Some teachers and assistants are nominated professors of the courses organised within the 1st and 2nd level study programes of other University member faculties, and are organised on other faculties (education at other faculties).

The Faculty of Medicine also takes part in the provision of three accredited interdisciplinary doctoral courses (3rd cycle): Biomedicina, Environmental protection in Statistics.

UL Faculty of Medicine organises as well life-long learning programes and postgraduate courses. Academic staff of the UL Faculty of Medicine are mentors to the residents in the residency programes ran by the Medical Chamber, programes of some specialities are run mostly by the UL Faculty of Medicine.

Since year 2015 UL Faculty of Medicine organises the international exam  Comprehensive Clinical Science Examination - CCSE.