How to Apply

You can apply to the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ljubljana as an exchange student for one or two semesters in case your home university is a partner university of the University of Ljubljana. If you are interested in coming to Ljubljana within the Erasmus+ exchange programme please read carefully the steps written below.

1. Nomination

2. How to Apply

3. General Information

4. End of Mobility




In order to come to Ljubljana within the Erasmus+ programme your home university should first nominate you to the Office of International Relations of the University of Ljubljana. The nominations should be sent to Your home university should send us the following information (name, last name, date of birth, study field, period of mobility, e-mail). After receiving the officiall nomination the corresponding faculty will send you more information about the application procedure.

How to Apply

After your home university has nominated you to study at the University of Ljubljana as an exchange student, you should fill in an online application. There is no need to send a paper copy of the application. At the end of the online application you will find the necessary documents to upload to your application: Transcript of Records (of your home university), Learning Agreement and Language Certificate. Your application is complete and will be processed only after you have followed all the steps of the application system and entered all the required information. After we have received your application and your host department has approved your application, we will send you an Acceptance letter and information on living and studying in Ljubljana.

• 15 May for the winter semester/full academic year
• 15 November for the summer semester



NOTE: there are some changes to the curriculum of Medicine for the Erasmus+ incoming students in the academic year 2020/2021 in comparisson to the previous year. Please take into consideration the information for 2020/2021 when planing your mobility for that particular year.

Academic year 2020/2021 is officially divided into winter (fall) and summer (spring) semester, but due to the organisation of courses and examination periods there are no holidays/semester breaks between semesters. Officially the winter semester starts on October 1st 2020 and ends on January 22nd 2021. The examination periods are set at the end of every course. Officially the spring semester starts on February 22nd 2021 and ends on June 11th 2021. The spring examination period follows at the end of the spring semester.
Please note that the Faculty of Medicine will send you the confirmation of your mobility and schedule according to the courses selected in your Learning agreement. It could be that the time period of your mobility will not fit the exact time frame of the semesters.


General Information

The Faculty of Medicine offers the Erasmus+ exchange programme in Medicine and Dental Medicine. We are offering the selection of courses, organised in English. The courses are offered form our 3rd year on. Students from the last year are as well allowed to take clinical practice in the hospital in the following fields: Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics and Gynecology&Obstetrics. The first two clinical practices are offered throughout the entire academic year, but the last two only in certain time periods (please check the documents below).


Since we are facing in the last year a constant increase of Erasmus+ incoming students there is the need to limit the number of available places to the Erasmus+ students in some courses: Nervous system, Musculoskeletal system, Mental Diseases, ORL, Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Clinical Paediatrics, Methods of Public Health. The places are given on a first come, first serve basis.


End of Mobility

At the end of Mobility students will receive the final Transcript of Records which will be set on the basis of their signed Learning agreement and the examination records during their study exchange in Ljubljana. The Transcript of Records will include as well the information about the clinical practice which the student has done during the exchange as well as the duration of the mobility. The Transcript of Records is prepared on the basis of the courses from our Curriculum. Students receive the final Transcript of Records upon their departure.


Erasmus+ exchange programme 2020/2021



Curriculum information - available courses

Provisional schedule 2020/2021 

Description of the courses - MEDICINE

Available elective courses

Welcome guide 2020/2021

Immunisation History form

Assessment form for clinical practice

Code of conduct




We accept students for the Erasmus+ study exchange in Dental Medicine only in the winter semester of our 5th year study programme of Dental Medicine. We offer the selection of the courses in English.


Description of the courses - DENTAL MEDICINE


Erasmus+ exchange programme 2021/2022


We are planning to continue with the Erasmus+ programme as in the past years. The information for the academic year 2021/22 will be posted in the beginning of the year 2021. You can take for reference the infromation about the academic year 2020/2021 and there shouldn´t be many changes. 


The exchange in Medicine is possible within both Erasmus+ mobilities: study exchange and practice and in both semesters.

Description of the courses - MEDICINE


The exchange in Dental medicine is only possible in the winter (first) semester and we only accept students to our 5th year.



If you want we can always discuss any opened questions or concerns you might have in person through the WEBEX platform or ZOOM. Just send me an e-mail with the proposed time.