Frequently asked questions


1. How to apply for the studies at our faculy? 

You can find all information in Call for enrollment and on our webpage


2. Is Slovenian language knowledge obligatory upon application? 

Both programmes, Medicine and Dental medicine are held exclusively in the Slovenian language. Upon application, all candidates must demonstrate a knowledge of the Slovenian language at B2 level or above according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), and provide a certificate to that effect. Information on the certificates accepted as proof of competence in the Slovenian language is given in the ‘Call for enrolment’ document. 
The following are deemed to be suitable proof of compliance with this enrolment requirement: 
– a Slovenian language examination certificate at B2 level or an equivalent certificate (it can be from any language school from any from foreign country)
– a certificate of completion of primary school education in Slovenia or completion of Slovenian-language primary school education abroad 
– a matura certificate or certificate of completion of the final year of secondary technical education in which one of the subjects taken was the Slovenian language 
– a certificate of completion of bilingual (Slovenian and another language) secondary school education or a certificate of completion of Slovenian-language secondary school education abroad 
– a diploma attesting to the completion of a study programme at a higher education establishment in Slovenia and a certificate (statement) attesting to the fact that the candidate undertook the programme in the Slovenian language. 


3. Useful information of University of Ljubljana

Please find further useful information HERE