13th Traditional Medical Students' Concert

Medicine and music have much in common- a dedication to excellence, performance under pressure, teamwork and much more.

For many medical students music is one of the few passions they are able to indulge in alongside the busy schedule of medical school.

The 13th traditional medical students' concert, the Faculty's most important social event last year, took place on December 3, 2018.

The wonderful Union Concert Hall hosted more than 80 musicians and artists, all of them are medical and dentistry students at the Faculty of Medicine.

The performance was magical, a charismatic package of energy, personality, and, above all, music, pure music. The audience just loved it.

Our students have once again proved to be talented musicians behind their medical books and stethoscopes.

Special thanks goes to the organizers of this magnificent event, Eva Podbregar and Matija Jager, both medical students.


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