The 2019 University of Ljubljana Recognition Award for special achievements

As part of the proceedings to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the University of Ljubljana, the Rector of the University of Ljubljana Prof Igor Papic PhD awarded special achievement awards. Following the nomination by the Senate of the Faculty of Medicine, the Senate of the University of Ljubljana awarded this high recognition to the former President and current Vice President of the Student Council of the Faculty of Medicine, Klemen Petek.

Klemen Petek  has been Vice President and President of the Student Council of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ljubljana since 2014. In this role, he developed into an exceptionally well-regarded student council leader, who performs his duties with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the study processes at the Faculty of Medicine and is able to work in a constructive and stimulating manner with a clear vision for the future.

With his clear insight into current student issues and through close collaboration with the faculty, the student council deals with all student concerns and resolves them accordingly. His important work in the field of quality assurance is the foundation for the successful cooperation between students and academic workers. Under Klemen Petek’s leadership, the Student Council has ensured adequate support and created an environment that enables student societies and students’ extracurricular activities to thrive.

He represents the interest of more than 1,600 undergraduate and graduate students at our faculty. The dedication he brings to his work, his exceptional learning abilities, his sense of responsibility, amiability and efficiency are only some of his outstanding characteristics. 

During his presidency, Klemen Petek closely cooperated with student organisations at a national and international level, enabling the transfer of best practices in the field of medical student representation. He represents the students of our faculty in numerous faculty bodies and committees and is one of only seven student senators of the University of Ljubljana, where he represents all of the university’s almost 40,000 students.

As he is currently taking part in medical training abroad, Klemen Petek was unable to attend the awards ceremony. He will accept the award upon his return. 

The Faculty of Medicine congratulates Klemen Petek for this high award!


March 2019: President of the Student Council of the UL MF Klemen Petek with Dean of the UL MF Professor Igor Švab MD PhD and Health Minister of the Republic of Slovenia Mr Aleš Šabeder


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