Centennial celebration Gala

When the sun started to slowly sink behind  the big buildings in the centre of Ljubljana, the crowd of people in their evening wear was gathering at the entrance of the Cankarjev dom.

It was time to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of The Faculty of Medicine (UL MF). 

Dean Professor Igor Švab delivered the keynote address, in which he emphasized the important milestones in the faculty's life since its humble beginnings in the post-war period. 

He has thanked the faculty, staff and students for their sustained commitment to the development of the institution and their dramatic transformation over the past 100 years.

For generations they've been providing educations that have empowered healthcare leaders with the knowledge to lead and shape the future of healthcare in Slovenia, to be exact, more than 8,000 doctors and about 2,000 dentists to this day. 

To date, the Faculty of Medicine is  the oldest higher education teaching and scientific research institution in the fields of medicine, dental medicine and the biomedical sciences in Slovenia. 

It is an internationally recognised and established institution that offers its expertise in academic and scientific collaboration with some of the best medical faculties in the world.

The Guest of Honour President Boris Pahor said that Slovenia was proud of the Faculty of Medicine, whose professors and students »enjoy a high reputation and the respect of our society. » 

He also mentioned the faculty's achievements that are admired at home as well as abroad. 

 »The Imposible Body«, the title of the event, saw performances given by a large number of musicians and artists, who are in fact doctors, dentists, students, professors, staff, members of the the faculty's choir and symphony orchestra.  Accompanied by other guests, they created a very special evening  with too many memories to count. 

Everyone was moved and amazed.  The performers received a standing ovation at the end of the ceremony, which then continued in the foyer with a glass of wine and snacks. 

More than  1,000 people attented the elegant event in the magnificent Gallus Hall in an evening that brought together faculty, staff, students, alumni, retirees and friends. 

All thanks goes to the planning committee for doing such a spectacular job on the Centennial Celebration. The committee worked for months to make sure that every last detail was absolutely perfect. And it certainly was. 

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