Launching the Slovenian genome project, Slovenia joins the global initiative on improving health

Slovenian Genomic Project is the first such project in Slovenia to plan the sequencing of the entire genome of Slovenes. In doing so, it joins the leading European and global countries, which with similar projects seek to improve diagnostic procedures and prevent rare diseases of their citizens.

New genomic technologies provide unique possibilities for studying genomic diversity. Information on the genomic diversity of the population is vital in the introduction of genomic medicine in Slovenian healthcare. The collection of natural genetic variability will allow better diagnosis of rare diseases, as well as making it easier to distinguish between the changes that cause the disease and the changes that are part of the natural genetic diversity. It will also facilitate the discovery of new genes and mechanisms of genetic diseases and the development of predictive models for common polygenic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, predisposition to cancer and other diseases.

The basis for the implementation of the project is the long-term successful cooperation of top research and medical institutions. These include the University Medical Center Ljubljana, the Medical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana, the Oncology Institute Ljubljana and the Institute of Transfusion Medicine of the Republic of Slovenia. The project is also the basis for accession to the European initiative 1 + million genomes, to which Slovenia is also a signatory.

More about the project:

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