Researchers from UL MF co-authors of research published in eminent journal Nature Medicine

Nature Medicine published results reporting equal clinical outcome when using the DreaMed Advisor® compared with physicians from specialized academic diabetes centers. The diabetes research carried out by the NextDREAM Consortium group is a major international study to assess AI technology, published in Nature Medicine, marking an important milestone in the progress of remote diabetes solutions. Members of the NextDREAM Consortium Group from UL MF are: Tadej Battelino MD, PhD, Klemen Dovč MD, PhD, Nataša Bratina MD, PhD, Darja Šmigoc Schweiger MD, PhD, Brigita Mali, B. Admin, Ana Gianini RNS, CDE, Urška Sever RNS, CDE, and Barbara Murn Berkopec RNS, CDE.

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