Two outstanding mentors at the Faculty of Medicine

For the second year in a row, the University of Ljubljana launched in January a call for applications for the award of mentoring positions to outstanding female and male mentors, with the aim of rewarding research excellence. An international committee, composed of members of the World Network of the University of Ljubljana (SMUL) and research institutes, has selected ten outstanding mentors, on the basis of the Rules on the Selection and Funding of Young Researchers, with whom the young researchers will start their training in the autumn. 

The following have also been selected as outstanding mentors for 2024: Prof. Dr Vita Dolžan and Prof. Dr Damjana Rozman.

The call was open to the best researchers at the University of Ljubljana who are leading at least one international project or the Slovenian part of an international project with a value of at least EUR 100,000, and who have mentored at least two PhDs.

Congratulations to all the selected mentors!

Source: UL, UL MF