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Research work at the Institute of Anatomy (IA) is carried out within the framework of research programs funded by the Slovenian Research and Development Agency (ARRS):

  1. Molecular mechanisms underlying development and function of the skeletal muscle (P3-0043)
  2. Modeling in technics and medicine (P2-0109)


Molecular mechanisms underlying development and function of the skeletal muscle (P3-0043)

Leader: doc. dr. Sergej Pirkmajer, dr. med.

Included IA researchers and technical associates: prof. dr. Erika Cvetkoprof. dr. Tatjana Stopar Pintaričdoc. dr. Marija Meznaričdoc. dr. Vika Smerdudoc. dr. Vita Čebašekdoc. dr. Nejc UmekChiedozie Kenneth UgwokeMajda Črnak-MaasaraniNataša PollakMarko Slak

Funding duration: 2020-2025

The objectives of the program are:

  • to contribute to the development of new therapies and diagnostics for skeletal muscle dysfunction associated with sarcopenia in critical illnesses and physical inactivity;
  • to discover new pharmacological targets and innovative approaches to modulating existing targets;
  • to identify new biomarkers that could be used in clinical assessment of patients;
  • to productive collaboration with small and medium-sized enterprises and industry; 
  • to participate in the development of new products and innovations;
  • to conduct educational activities for the general public and train students, young researchers, and doctors in an interdisciplinary and internationally integrated research environment.

Program summary:
The P3-0043 program group is the only research program in Slovenia providing an integrative research platform focused on the physiology and pathophysiology of skeletal muscle. The research team combines expertise in molecular biology, biochemistry, normal and pathological muscle morphology, veterinary medicine, orthopedics, physiotherapy, anesthesiology, and intensive care. Skeletal muscle research plays a significant role in combating chronic diseases, including sarcopenia, obesity, diabetes, and neurodegenerative diseases. These diseases often coexist and are associated with physical inactivity and muscle dysfunction.

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Modeling in technics and medicine (P2-0109)

Leader: prof. dr. Robert Kunc

Included IA researchers and technical associates:  prof. dr. Marija Hribernikasist. dr. Larisa StojanovičAndreja Vidmar

Funding duration: 2018-2023

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