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Language requirements
Faculty of Medicine offers to the Erasmus+ students instruction in the following languages: Slovenian and English. We requires that the student has very good language skills (very good knowledge in reading, writing and speaking of the language) in at least one of the two languages in order to be able to study here.
Please note that fluent language skills in English are vital for successful studies at the Faculty of Medicine. If the requirements are not met, the Faculty of Medicine will not accept you. Although the knowledge of Slovene is not obligatory and required we strongly advise you to participate in Slovene language courses offered by the University of Ljubljana prior to the start of your exchange. This facilitate the close contact with the patients who you will face during your exchange at the Faculty of Medicine.  
When applying students must present a language certificate of their English language skills. Very good language skills refer to level B2 on the CEFR scale of the European Language Portfolio Levels.
How to prove the language skills in English
  • Language skills are listed on the Transcript of Records of the home university; or
  • Submit the Language Certificate with CEFR scale; or
  • Submit TOEFL score of 79 (IBT) or IELTS score of 6 for English, or any official certificate
  • Results from the OLS (Online Language Support)
  • Any other official certificates


Slovene Language Courses

Centre for Slovene as a second or foreign language organises every year before the start of the semester an intensive 3-week course of Slovene for Erasmus+ incoming students. You can apply directly at the Centre.

If you are not able to attend the Slovene language courses at the centre you could perhaps learn Slovene by using their Slovene online tool. The tool is now available in seven different language options and it is certainly a good start to catch some basic Slovene words.

Faculty of Medicine organises with the help of our students a Slovene medical vocabulary workshop which is organised in the first week of every semester. You will get the basic medical vocabulary which will help you catch some words in Slovene when communicating with patients during the clinical practice. You can as well take the advantage of the tool MEDINElingua which offers medical vocabulary in several languages.



Faculty of Medicine does not provide the accommodation for Erasmus+ incoming students. The basic information is given by the central office of the University of Ljubljana. There is a limited number of places available in Student dormitories and they will give you the practical information on how and where to find private accommodation. Please make sure you will apply on time and mind that Ljubljana is becoming a very popular city so please make sure you will arrive on time and have the time to get a place to stay. For more information please visit the University webpage.


Medical Insurance
Foreign students coming from the EU member countries and the countries of the European economic region should have the E 128 form, E 111 form or E-card. The document type depends on the authorized insurance agency of the country of their origin. Namely, the students should contact the authorized insurance agency, where they have been insured, and ask for one of the above-mentioned forms. Students should have appropriate insurance coverage (also for accidents and liability) when coming to Slovenia. Faculty of Medicine does not provide medical or liability insurance for the incoming exchange students.
When/If something happens
Foreign students can get medical assistance (general medicine, dental care, clinical psychology, ginecology) at:
ZDRAVSTVENI DOM ZA ŠTUDENTE (Student Health Center), Aškerčeva cesta 4, 1000 Ljubljana
Sport Activities



The Faculty of Medicine offers its students a number of sports activities: students can join football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, fitness, or group exercises functional workout, aerobics, Swimming, Cardio workout in the sports hall in Rožna dolina.

There is a varied program available at the Faculty of Sports, which includes aerobics, endurance training, functional workout and swimming (schedule). Running enthusiasts and those who would like to get acquainted with triathlon training can join endurance training in the sports park next to the Faculty of Sports.

You can join all sport activities by registering on time. You can register for the sport activities from monday, 9. 10. at the sport activities. 

Beginning of organized sports practice in the halls: Monday, October 9, 2023. All students can register only for one sport activity. 

Incoming students in the academic year 2023/2024 may select organised sport activities offered by the Faculty of Medicine.

Time/Day Monday Tuesday Thursday Location


(from 12. 10. - 07. 12 2023 and 07. 03. - 09. 05. 2024)

    Endurance training with basics of Triathlon (running) 25 spots


Sport Park Kodeljevo

(Entrance to the Stadium)




Sport hall Mangart (M)

Faculty of Sports

Gortanova 22


Fitnes (F)

25 spots


 Functional workout (M)

30 spots

Aerobics (M)

30 spots



Football team (M)

25 spots

    Sport hall Mangart


Time/Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Location

Swimming - free

8 spots

Swimming Pool

Faculty of Sport

Gortanova 22


Swimmining - teaching/Training

teaching 16 spots, free 8 spots

Swimming - teaching/training

16 spots


Swimming - free

24 spots

Swimming - free

24 spots



Time/Date Wednesday Location

Basketball  (teams of 3) 25 spots

Fitness (12 places)

Badminton (16 places)

Basketball team (25 spots)

University Sport Hall

Rozna Dolina, Cesta 27. aprila 31

20.00 - 21.00

Cardio workout (15 places)


Football (25 places)

Fitness (25 places)

Volleyball F team (20 places)

Volleyball M team (20 places)



Description of sport activities:


Endurance training running + triathlon (Thursday):

The training is suitable for both inexperienced runners and those who have been running for a long time. Students who are thinking about triathlon training are also invited, as the training is conducted by Klemen Laurenčak, sport teacher, national team coach for triathlon, expert associate in the Athletics 1 course at the Faculty of Sports and Polet's long-term running coach.

Functional training, Aerobics + SLB (stomach, legs, buttocks):

Both exercises are suitable for all students who want variety, without specific prior knowledge, and the exercises do not condition the level of physical fitness. The performer is our long-term colleague, Liza Jovičević, Ph.D. student at the Faculty of Sports, with many years of experience in the field of group guided exercises. In both exercises, you will also learn about a set of exercises for a healthy spine (mobility) and various relaxation techniques.

Cardio exercise, Fitness-guided exercise;

In the middle of the first term in Rožna dolina (between 7:30 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.) in this academic year, we will carry out the mentioned exercise in cooperation with students and a physical education professor from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Sport teacher Saša Ogrizovič, has worked with many clubs and national teams, Slovenian and foreign (KK Olimpija, Croatian national basketball team, etc.) in the field of fitness training of athletes, so we will definitely learn something new.


Exercises at Biotechnical faculty (BF) and Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology (FKKT):

BF: Yoga (Srednja upravno administrativna šola, Zdravtvena pot 10), Tuesday at 18:00, 5 places

BF: Yogalates (combination of Yoga and Pilates), Thursdays at 18:00; University Sport hall Rožna dolina, 5 spots
FKKT: fitness (guided and independent exercise), Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. (Rožna dolina), 5 places
FKKT: functional Exercise, Friday from 7:45 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. (Rožna dolina), 5 places


SPORTS ACTIVITIES WITHIN UL (Center for University Sport):

UL MF students also participate in competitions (league and individual competitions) organized by the Sports Association of the University of Ljubljana I invite all students, especially freshmen to join the MF teams and with their sports knowledge contribute to the success and visibility of the UL MF. In the 2018/19 academic year, our basketball players became champions of the university league, volleyball players won second place, and basketball players were third. These achievements place our faculty and its sports teams at the top of the most successful at UL.

The Center for Extracurricular Activities - COD organizes free practice for all students of the University of Ljubljana during exam periods (September, January, February, June) and various sports programs during the study period. Most of the activities take place in the sports hall in the student settlement in Rožna dolina. More information is available on their webpage.



The Sports project connects UL MF students with various sports interests, and teams are also organized to represent the Faculty of Medicine at university competitions. Students of the Faculty of Medicine participate in university league competitions and championships in football, basketball, volleyball, handball and many individual sports where they compete for the highest places.

They also participate in international sports events (Medicinijada, sports and entertainment meeting of medical faculties from the former Yugoslavia). You can get more information at the following web links and at the e-mail address: and FB page e-mail: sport(at)

Ksenija Filipic Jeras
Office hours: Tuesday 12:00 - 15:00
e-mail: ksenija.filipic-jeras(at)