Gostujoče predavanje doc. dr. Grzegorz Tatoń o vplivu elektromagnetnega valovanja na človeka

V okviru programa ERASMUS+ na Inštitutu za biofiziko gostuje doc. dr. Grzegorz Tatoń z Jagelonske univerze v Krakovu. Ob tem bo imel v četrtek 12. 1. 2023 ob 12.15 v mali predavalnici MF aktualno in zanimivo predavanje o vplivu elektromagnetnega valovanja na človeka.

Spodaj navajamo kratek povzetek predavanja v angleškem jeziku:


Assist. Prof. Grzegorz Tatoń, PhD
Faculty of Medicine of the Jagiellonian University Medical College

Influence of electromagnetic fields on humans

The development of modern technologies leads to an increase in the number of devices in our environment that are sources of electromagnetic fields (EMF), including the radio frequency range (RF EMF). Can this kind of radiation adversely affect our health and environment? Can a mobile phone cause cancer in my head? Are the 5G solutions that are currently being introduced safe? Should I be afraid of radio waves? Should I avoid them? And if so, how?

Research on the effects of RF EMF is being conducted all over the world. At our University we are also dealing with this topic, in particular with the problem of so-called electromagnetic hypersensitivity.  The talk considers general issues related to the impact of EMF and RF EMF on health, but also presents the results of research conducted in our department.