ECTS Medicine Association

Executive Board


At the previous Annual Meeting in Trondheim 2021, the General Assembly was invited to elect the vacant positions of the Board. Because of covid-19 situation online elections were held and the following members of the Executive Board have been elected :

Prof. Juan Argüelles, (University of Oviedo) was reelected as President
MA Lidia Przepióra-Dziewulska (Medical University of Warsaw) was reelected as Treasurer
Jerneja Čelofiga, MSc (University of Ljubljana) was elected as new Secretary
Mrs Magdalena Palmqvist (Karolinska Institutet) was re-elected as Member.
lic. phil. Monique Dupuis (University of Zürich) was reelected as Invited Member.
Mr. Mario Antonio Martelli (University of Bologna) was elected as Member.
Mrs. Marina Wirthmann (University of Heidelberg) was elected as Member.
Mrs. Jannicke Gjølme Eriksen (NTNU Trondheim) was elected as Member.
Mrs. Nicole Dourado (University of Coimbra) was elected as Member.
Prof. Dr. Pinar Topsever (Acibadem University) was elected as Member.

Since nobody was running for the position of Vice-President, the formes Vice-President prof. dr. Tomaž Marš remains Acting Vice-President until the next ECTS MA General Assembly in 2022. 

Actual Board Members

Prof. Juan Argüelles, President
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Prof. Tomaž Marš, Acting Vice-President
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Jerneja Čelofiga, MSc, Secretary
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MA Lidia Przepióra-Dziewulska, Treasurer
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Mrs Magdalena Palmqvist, Board Member
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lic. phil. Monique Dupuis, Board Member
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Mario Antonio Martelli, Board Member
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Marina Wirthmann, Board Member
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Jannicke Gjølme Eriksen, Board Member
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Nicole Dourado, Board Member
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Prof. dr. Pinar Topsever, Board Member
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