Central Medical Library

Personal data protection

Protection of personal data and data on members' activities, and the collecting of data on other library users:

  1. The library collects personal data on members and data on their library activities exclusively for the purpose of performing its activities, in accordance with personal data protection legislation.
  2. The library collects and processes the following personal data of its members: name and surname, date and place of birth, address of permanent and temporary residence, membership category, contact details (telephone number or e-mail address). With the user's personal consent, it may also collect data on education level, which it uses to plan the acquisition of library material and organise services for particular groups of members. The members signal their consent by signing the library's personal data collection form.
  3. The library may send data on a member's specific transactions at the library in a certain period (e.g. loans, reminders) to the member personally on the basis of a written application. The member must produce an appropriate personal document (personal identification card or passport) when collecting their data.
  4. The library may, in exceptional circumstances, forward personal data on members and their library activities to authorised persons or prosecution authorities (police, public prosecutor's office) on the basis of a court order and in compliance with the provisions of criminal and other relevant legislation.

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