Central Medical Library

Reproduction of material

Copying and printing

The CMK offers copying and printing from its own library holdings and of other literature at the user's request. Personal computers at the CMK are connected to the faculty network. All CMK members may print from these computers. 

Digital reproduction

The CMK offers its users online delivery of articles from printed and electronic journals to their workstations.

This service is intended for all users, particularly those who live at a distance from the library and those who, because of licensing restrictions, cannot access the full texts of articles from the CMK's electronic journals.

An increasing number of users are ordering material by e-mail. Articles are delivered in 1-2 working days. Most recipients have an electronic mailbox with a 10 MB capacity and therefore have no problems opening the files.

We archive the articles we have sent in pdf format for one month. Any complaint is dealt with free of charge within this period. 

Conditions applying to the copying of library material

The print and electronic resources of the CMK (books, journals, databases) are for study, research and professional development purposes only.

When photocopying library material or using other similar reproduction techniques, users must adhere to the conditions applying to free use under the Copyright and Related Rights Act ( Zakon o avtorski in sorodnih pravicah, Uradni list RS 21/95, 14 April 1995), which also complies with norms and standards in the area of copyright abroad.

Only individual extracts or chapters may be copied from a printed monograph, up to a maximum of 75% of the entire volume of the work.

A user may only copy individual articles from printed journals for personal study, academic instruction or research ('fair use'). 


CMK has a PrintBox ( https://printbox.net/) printing and scanning machine located opposite the journal loan desk, next to the coffee and snack machine.