Central Medical Library

Inter-library loans

Users may borrow various types of document, including books, anthologies, conference publications, Master's theses and doctoral dissertations, or order copies of scientific articles, through theDepartment for Inter-Library Loans and Document Delivery. We distribute material from the Central Medical Library, other Slovenian libraries, and suppliers of material from Europe and the US.

As the CMK is a public library, services are accessible to all interested parties, individuals as well as organisations and companies, regardless of whether they are library members.

A charge is made for services in accordance with the relevant price list . All members benefit from a discount on the copying and delivery of documents from abroad. 
Orders are accepted:

  • by e-mail: illcmk(at)mf.uni-lj.si
  • in person at loan desks for journals or books
  • using the electronic 'Moja knjižnica' service in tandem with the COBISS/OPAC catalogue
  • by post
  • by fax: + 386 (1) 543 7745
  • via the Loansome Doc interface for all users of the PubMed and NLM Gateway search systems, which are accessible through the NLM homepage and offer MEDLINE and other biomedicine databases. The use of Loansome Doc requires prior registration. 

Registration for Loansome Doc

The use of Loansome Doc requires prior registration. The form is available on the NLM website at: http://docline.gov/loansome/login.cfm 

Distribution of ordered material

We distribute material to users:

  • by e-mail
  • by ordinary post
  • in person (collection at the CMK).

Delivery of documents to the user's workstation

We can send copies of scientific articles in pdf format to users directly to their e-mail address. This is a particularly useful service for those of our users who do not live in Ljubljana and who wish to receive the right information at the right time.

As the size of the average article is 2 MB in pdf format, we recommend that you have an electronic mailbox capacity of 20 MB (check your remaining capacity at regular intervals). 

Delivery of documents from abroad

The CMK actively collaborates with a large number of suppliers and libraries in Europe and America, including:

  • SUBITO , a consortium of German, Austrian and Swiss libraries
  • National Library of Medicine (NLM), the largest medical library in America
  • other suppliers based abroad (OCLC, CISTI, etc.)
  • purchase of material directly from the publisher (purchase of original articles, epub ahead of print, etc.): prices for these articles vary greatly and depend on the publisher. For more information on this, write to: illcmk(at)mf.uni-lj.si


Rules for the ordering and delivery of documents

  • When submitting an order, give your precise personal details (name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address), the payer's details and as much bibliographical information about the material as possible (e.g. author, title of the article, name of the journal, year of publication, etc.).
  • Users may pay for the service in person at the CMK every day during official opening hours. We also send invoices, which are issued by the 10th of the month for the previous two-month period, by post.
  • As a rule, articles arrive from abroad in scanned format. If you require an original or colour copy, you should mention this during the ordering procedure.
  • The CMK does not automatically order material that it does not have in stock from other Slovenian libraries or from abroad . This is only done at the user's request. This request must be made during the ordering procedure.
  • The loan period for material is determined by the supplier as follows:
    • CMK stocks: 1 month (may be extended)
    • other Slovenian libraries: 2-4 weeks (may be extended)
    • suppliers from abroad: 3-6 weeks (may be extended)

      Extension is only possible prior to the expiry of the loan period.
  • Payment of postage: the user must pay postage costs upon return for material borrowed from abroad. Postage is charged in accordance with the relevant price list.
  • Any complaints or remarks relating to the delivery of material should be addressed to us without delay. This particularly applies to all documents in pdf format ordered from abroad; this is because, owing to considerable server overload, we are only able to store documents for 3 weeks.