Central Medical Library

Terms and conditions of use of information resources for remote CMK access

The terms and conditions applying to databases, electronic journals and other electronic information resources provided by the CMK or other University of Ljubljana libraries and their consortium partners on their own or other servers.

You must use databases and material available electronically (e-books, journals, etc.) located on servers at the CMK, NUK, CTK, University of Ljubljana libraries and suppliers in accordance with the legislation in force, generally applicable social norms of conduct and the licence agreements signed between publishers or manufacturers with the CMK, NUK, CTK, University of Ljubljana libraries and other consortium members, and with full awareness of your own material and criminal liability.

  • You may not, either directly or indirectly, copy, distribute or sell data from databases or other electronic resources, or use it to build your own database, except where the licence conditions for a specific database explicitly allow it. Only one copy of the records of an individual search in electronic or hard-copy form is permitted for the user's own study, research or teaching purposes.
  • You may only use the information obtained for non-profit purposes as part of education and research activities at the university.
  • You may not amend, adapt, translate or use for extracts texts obtained from electronic resources.
  • You must comply with the prohibition on the inter-library lending and distribution of documents acquired in this manner.
  • You must keep your password secret and ready for use when required. You may not give the password to anyone else.
  • You must safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of data owned by other users of the network. You may not access data, software, services or usernames on computers or networks which you are not entitled to use.
  • The user is responsible for having in place the technical conditions for access to servers at the CMK or elsewhere (network, installation and maintenance of the device).
  • The CMK accepts no liability for the completeness, accuracy and veracity of the data contained in the databases, nor for any damage caused by the use of data or operations with the CD-ROM server. The CMK cannot accept any liability for the withdrawal of a database or databases from the servers or for non-operation of the servers.
  • Should they violate any of the aforementioned terms and conditions, the user shall have their right to access databases and other information resources that are subject to these terms and conditions removed. The abuse of databases and other information resources is a criminal offence. The court of jurisdiction in Ljubljana is competent to resolve any disputes.

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