Central Medical Library


The COBISS system is being introduced at the CMK. A member may order items that are not out on loan, or reserve items currently on loan, in person, by telephone, by e-mail or via the COBISS/OPAC 'Moja knjižnica' (My library) online service. Items not currently on loan may be borrowed immediately, while items on loan will be made available when they are returned. Reading room copies may not be reserved.

Only those members with valid details for notification by e-mail or text message in their 'Moja knjižnica' settings and who have activated the e-notification setting may reserve material using the 'Moja knjižnica' service.

  • Any type of material lent by the library for use at home may be reserved.
  • The library notifies the library member when the material is ready using the method selected by the member in 'Moja knjižnica' or by agreement.
  • A member must collect the items within 3 working days of receipt of the notification.
  • A member may cancel a reservation if the material is not yet ready.
  • The library charges a member who fails to collect their items by the agreed deadline the costs of the uncollected items in accordance with the relevant price list .
  • A member may reserve up to 3 and borrow no more than 15 units of material.
  • A member may not reserve material in the following cases: they have already reserved 3 units of material, a certain number of copies of material has already been reserved, they already have the same material out on loan or reserved, or they have at least one copy out on loan whose loan period has expired.
  • A user receives the first copy returned and not necessarily the copy they reserved. 


  • when reserving multi-part items, the appropriate part must be selected, i.e. after the classification number (e.g. Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry, 2008, Part 2: MP II 22353/2
  • when reserving a set containing several units, e.g. where a DVD is enclosed with a book (e.g. Interna medicina, 2011; Prva pomoč, 2007; Applied Occlusion, 2008, etc.), the user receives the copy/set that they have reserved.


Navodila za uporabo storitve COBISS Moja knjižnica.