Central Medical Library


Remote access is available to faculty users/active CMK members (i.e. staff and students who have up-to-date membership and who take part in the teaching process at the faculty on a regular basis). For remote access you require a card number (CMK card or student identity card) and the password you use to check loan material or extend a loan in the COBISS/OPAC catalogue. If you have not yet set a password, apply to the library or journals department, where you will be entered in the records. Your password must have at least four characters, without diacriticals, and must be exactly as set down in the records (i.e. respecting upper- and lower case).

The list of resources includes licensed access and some freely accessible sources such as PubMed and Google Scholar. Using the systems described above, you can also obtain, via remote access, articles from journals for which the faculty has paid a licence fee and which the CMK offers via the faculty network.


  • The login process takes place from the CMK homepage, where you select the 'Oddaljeni dostop' (Remote access) option from the menu.
  • You then select the desired source from the list of sources available via remote access.
  • A new window opens in which you enter your library membership card number and membership password. Click the login button.

When using electronic resources, you must adhere to the mandatory licensing restrictions: Electronic articles are intended solely for your personal use. You are required to comply with the licensing rules of their providers or publishers . Familiarise yourself with: The terms and conditions of use of information resources . Your password is intended for your exclusive use and should not be revealed to anyone else.

Instructions for administrators

Remote access ( EzProxy ) for page forwarding uses the following range of ports: 2048 to 6052.

Ignore and do not use the following EzProxy ports: 204933063128 and 3474.

EzProxy port 2048 is used for receiving requests and carrying out authentication.

Our remote access domain is http://cmk-proxy.mf.uni-lj.si

More on settings for administrators can be found at: http://www.oclc.org/support/documentation/ezproxy/howmanyports.htm