Central Medical Library

Plagiarism checks

The Faculty of Medicine has paid access to Turnitin, the plagiarism detection program. The program compares the content uploaded to it to external sources such as those on current or archived web pages, articles in journals and content previously uploaded to it.

Turnitin enables the systematic checking of plagiarism, helping to ensure that students produce original work and, at the same time, providing a tool for improving academic writing skills.

An assessment of and report on the originality of a piece of work does not imply plagiarism; rather, it highlights those parts of a text that accord with other sources. On the basis of a review of the report, the mentor or author then decides whether there are grounds for suspecting plagiarism.

The CMK administers the Turnitin program on behalf of the faculty. If a teacher or researcher so requests, we open an account that allows them to use the program; we also provide the appropriate assistance. The CMK checks similarities for the requirements of the teaching and research process, and for peer review. Requests for an account and for similarities to be checked should be sent to turnitin(at)mf.uni-lj.si Additional information is also provided from this address.

Instructions for use: