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480cce89ac78395117e90443a4c88dcf_150.jpgCMK provides wireless internet through the eduroam network. 
Wi-fi is available throughout the entire library. 

The Eduroam system provides students and staff at the Faculty of Medicine with secure, straightforward access to the University of Ljubljana's protected wireless network and hosting in the networks of other institutions integrated into the Eduroam system. Prior to use, you must obtain a username and set up your computer accordingly. We are happy to help you prepare your computer. You may request help at the loan desks for books and journals.

What is eduroam?

Eduroam (EDUcation ROAMing) is an international system of wireless networks for internet access for education and research. It provides users with secure, straightforward access to the wireless network of their own organisation and roaming in the networks of other institutions integrated into the system. Students, pupils, teachers, researchers and other staff at these institutions can use any Eduroam wireless network in Slovenia and abroad. For more information:

Software installation

You must first provide your home institution with your registration details and install a special program on your laptop. After set-up, all you need to do is turn on your laptop and log into Eduroam.

Registration for students

University of Ljubljana students have access to the Eduroam network through the university itself. Registration requires a username, which the student obtains from https://id.uni-lj.si, and a password , which they create themselves.

Registration for University of Ljubljana staff

University of Ljubljana staff obtain a password for Eduroam access from their home institution. Faculty of Medicine staff apply to the coordinators responsible in a specific department, institute or centre for setting up e-mail accounts. More...

Registration for other users

Other users set up their username and password at their home institution; this is normally the university or organisation at which they study or are employed.

How to connect

You can connect to the Eduroam network using a number of devices:

  • laptops
  • smartphones or tablet computers
  • other wireless devices that support the required standard.

Installation instructions vary according to the type of computer or mobile device and to the operating system. More detailed instructions for eduroam installation can be found here .

Assistance at the CMK

CMK can help you install the software for accessing the Eduroam system . If you request help at the loans desk, we can direct you to the relevant member of library staff.