Central Medical Library

Library Services

We provide a wide range of classic and electronic services, offer quick, user-friendly access to high-quality biomedical literature from around the world, and advise students and staff on the selection and effective use of information.

  • The CMK digital library, which is a one-stop shop for licensed and freely accessible databases, online journals and e-books
  • Remote access to the digital library from locations outside the faculty via the library's own server.
  • Lending and distribution of material :
    • book loans
    • journal loans
    • distribution of articles and book chapters in hard copy and electronic formats
  • Inter-library loans 
    Distribution of material from other Slovenian and foreign libraries.
  • Information services 
    Information search, citation analysis, bibliographical management information, user assistance.
  • Education and training 
    User-tailored training courses and workshops, and training in the independent use of modern information resources and library services.
  • Acquisition of materials 
    Acquisition of materials for teaching, research and specialist work at the faculty. Assistance in the acquisition of materials for users at the faculty. 
  • Photocopying, printing and scanning of materials of library and users' own materials.
  • Plagiarism detection and prevention using the Turnitin program 
    The Turnitin program compares the content uploaded to it to external sources, such as current or archived web pages, articles in journals and content previously uploaded to it. The CMK manages the program, creates user accounts for teaching staff and researchers employed at the faculty, and checks for plagiarism as part of the teaching and research process. 
  • Rooms 
    • for study: 79 places in the journals and quiet reading room and meeting room + 5 exercise balls for sitting 
    • for socialising or study: 29 places in the hallway and by the coffee machine 
    • for relaxation: 5 bean bags 
    • access to computers, internet, eduroam wi-fi network