Central Medical Library

About the Library

The Faculty of Medicine's Central Medical Library is the largest and best-stocked library for biomedicine in Slovenia, providing access to high-quality information resources for all areas of clinical medicine and basic areas of study. The CMK also offers high-quality information support to faculty students and staff, as well as researchers and healthcare staff across the country. The entire library holdings, including the well-stocked digital library , are available on the CMK portal 24 hours a day. The library carries around 140,000 printed books and periodical publications, 3,300 current electronic and printed biomedical journals, and around 48,000 e-books. The CMK provides a variety of information services for libraries and users from across the country; in this regard, it has the role of national medical library.


The CMK sees its mission as one of ensuring the continuous development of information support for Faculty of Medicine activities - specifically, teaching, research, clinical practice, public health and lifelong learning. To this end, it:

  • offers round-the-clock access to high-quality biomedical literature from around the world
  • promotes the effective use of information and knowledge
  • works to improve the information literacy skills of its users.


  • Armed with experience and expertise, we are able to adapt to our fast-changing environment.
  • We have developed an excellent biomedical support service tailored to the needs of teaching staff and students, with whom we create high-quality information support for teaching, learning, research and healthcare activities.
  • We are strengthening our role as Slovenia's national biomedical library and are regarded as one of Europe's most reputable university libraries.

Basic strategic objectives up to 2020

  • To develop an interactive and user-friendly digital library that offers state-of-the-art search tools
  • To develop a range of biomedical information for Slovenia's education, research and healthcare requirements
  • To increase added value and develop knowledge management
  • To encourage information literacy, support lifelong learning and develop remote learning and independent study tools
  • To monitor the information needs of different groups of users and design services tailored to their needs
  • To develop staff professionalism and excellence
  • To modernise and expand library premises to better satisfy users' needs and provide higher-quality services
  • To encourage scientific literacy among the general population
  • To actively help design a Slovenian library system that meets the requirements of today's information society, and to guide its development in line with the development of library systems in the most highly developed universities in the EU.


  • A high-quality collection of information resources
  • Excellent, user-friendly services
  • Professional and highly skilled staff with a high degree of integrity
  • A friendly and respectful attitude to users, colleagues and work organisations
  • Information literacy among users in support of independent study and lifelong learning
  • Objectives that match those of the library's parent institution
  • Compliance with the principle of public access to information
  • Compliance with and respect for the University of Ljubljana's Code of Ethics
  • Compliance with and respect for the Slovenian library profession's Code of Ethics
  • Compliance with and respect for the public officials' Code of Conduct