Alumni Club of the Faculty of Medicine UL 


Who are we?
The Alumni Club of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ljubljana connects graduates of the faculty - well-established and successful doctors and dentists at home, as well as in the world, with the future generations of our graduates.

The Alumni Club of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ljubljana through events and activities enables the exchange of knowledge and experience, thus encouraging the affiliation to the faculty.


How to Become a Member?

All UL graduates are invited to join the Alumni Club. Enrollment in the Alumni Club is possible through the Graduway web site of the University of Ljubljana. The web platform was set up by the University of Ljubljana with the aim of developing the Alumni UL network.

You can also register by the accession statement, which you send to the address below.


Why Become a Member?

Keeping contact from student time through relaxed and professional events. Alumni Club members will be invited to faculty events such as concerts and the annual meeting of students, employees and members of the Alumni Club. We are also preparing additional benefits for the Alumni Club members.


Contacts for submitting questions and suggestions:

E .: alumni(at)mf.uni-lj.si 

Postal address: Faculty of Medicine UL

Alumni Club Medical School

Vrazov trg 2

1000 Ljubljana


Founding members:

doc. dr. Armin Alibegović, dr. med.

prof. dr. Tomaž Marš, dr. med., univ. B.Sc. biol.

asist. dr. Žiga Snoj, dr. med.

dr. Jelka Zupan, Ph.D. med.

Sanja Zupanič, MD med.



Rules of the Alumni Club of the Faculty of Medicine UL.