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prof. dr. Alfred Šerko


prof. dr. Janez Plečnik




Did you know that was prof. dr. Alfred Šerko (1879-1938) - was the first neuropsychiatrist at the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana and at the same time its first and long-standing dean. In the years 1912-14 he was the Assistant Professor of Viennese Nobel Prize Holder in Physiology or Medicine, psychiatrist Julius Wagner von Jauregga (1857-1940). The latter received in 1927 the Nobel Prize for the recognition that syphilitic progressive paralysis can be treated with healing therapy, especially malaria. Professor Šerko was also an extremely interesting person. More about him in the Slovenian biography.



Did you know that the first pathologist of the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana, prof. dr. Janez Plečnik (1875-1940) initially assisted in Vienna a Nobel Prize-winning professor Karl Landsteiner (1868-1943), who first described the blood groups in 1900 and is considered the pioneer of blood transfusion medicine? In 1930, Landsteiner received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discovery. Janez Plečnik was the first in the world who had the blood group B isolated.