A few words from the Dean

The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ljubljana is the central higher education teaching and scientific research institution in the field of medicine in Slovenia.  It has a long history, having been one of the five founder members of the university, which is regarded as one of the best in the world. We are open to the world, and collaborate with over 100 of the most prestigious medical faculties and universities in Europe and beyond in a wide variety of academic and research fields.

Generations of doctors and dentists, representing the pillar of the Slovenian healthcare system, have passed through our faculty, with many of them forging strong medical careers abroad. The faculty has a particular mission within Slovenia, being responsible for developing various branches of the medical profession at the national level.

The faculty provides two integrated six-year Master’s courses in Medicine and Dental Medicine. Medicine is a demanding discipline and is organised in such a way that the first few years focus on the theoretical foundations of medicine. There is also a major emphasis on contact between students and patients. Students acquire the basics early on in their study, with clinical study increasing in volume and scope as they progress. Clinical teaching takes place to a large extent alongside patients and in cooperation with clinical teaching hospitals, the most important of which is the University Medical Centre in Ljubljana. Students also spend a portion of their clinical study engaged in primary healthcare activities. As well as compulsory subjects, there are also a large number of optional subjects, and the faculty also encourages students to undertake research work towards a Prešeren Award. If they so choose, students may opt to pursue part of their studies abroad as part of an international exchange programme administered by the faculty’s International Office.

After completing their studies, graduates embark on careers as trainee specialists in one of the many fields of medicine, or continue their studies towards a Doctor of Science degree, although neither choice precludes the other. 

The Ljubljana Faculty of Medicine will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2019. In that time it has become a very well-regarded faculty across the wider region. Its vision is to develop excellence in all fields, whether educational, research or specialist, in which we are already currently engaged in carrying out medical activities of the very highest quality. We would like to engage more actively with the public, uphold the reputation of medicine as a profession and of the medical sciences generally, and contribute to the progress of Slovenia and of humanity as a whole.   

A comparison with the knowledge our students possess and that possessed by students abroad, allied with the great interest shown in international exchanges with our institution and the successes enjoyed by our scientists, tells us that we belong among the very best medical faculties anywhere. We fully intend to retain this position in the future.
                                                                                                                                        Professor Igor Švab, dr. med.

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