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Official name: Univerza v Ljubljani, Medicinska fakulteta (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Medicine)
Person responsible: prof. dr. Igor Švab, dr. med., dean UL MF
Date of first publishing: 19. 1. 2010
Last change: 1. 10. 2017
Online source: http://www.mf.uni-lj.si/vsebina/menu1/1436
Other forms of the catalog: The Catalog is available only in electronic form.
Address: Vrazov trg 2, SI 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 1 543 7700
Fax: +386 1 543 7701
E-mail: dekanat(at)mf.uni-lj.si




2.a Organization chart and information on the organization of the body

Short description of the work area:

UL Faculty of Medicine (hereinafter referred to as UL MF), the founder of which is the Republic of Slovenia, is a higher education and research institution and a member of the University of Ljubljana, in accordance with the regulations, the Ordinance on the transformation of the University of Ljubljana, the Statute of UL and the Ordinance on Organization and the functioning of the UL MF, the national higher education program and the national research program in the field of biomedicine.

UL MF also performs professional healthcare diagnostics, development and advisory services, in accordance with the provisions of the Statute of UL, autonomously in its own name and for its own account.

Undergraduate and post-graduate education, professional training and training is organized and run by the ISCED classification (UNESCO, November 1997) classified in the field of Health 72 (medicine, dental medicine, biomedicine).

Scientific research work is performed as a part or basis for the pedagogical process and within the framework of research programs, basic, applied, developmental and other projects.



UL MF implements two unified masters study programs of second level as follows:

  • program Medicine,
  • Dental medicine program.


  • UL MF participates in the Interdisciplinary doctoral study program Biomedicine, organized by UL in cooperation with four other UL members and three research institutes.
  • UL MF participates in the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Study Program Statistics organized by UL in cooperation with six other UL members.
  • UL MF participates in the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program of Environmental Protection, organized by UL in cooperation with twelve UL members.

List of all internal organizational units: Organizational units

Organizational chart of the institute: Organigram UL MF


2.b Contact data

Person responsible: Dean UL MF prof. dr. Igor Švab, dr. med. 01 543 7703, igor.svab(at)mf.uni-lj.si , Vrazov trg 2, 1000 Ljubljana

2.c List of main legislative framework


State legilationi:


EU regulation:


Program "Socrates":

Sixth Framework program:


2.č List of proposed legislative acts

UL MF has not proposed any legal acts.

2.d List of strategic and program documents


University of Ljubljana:

Faculty of Medicine:

2.e Catalog of administrative, judicial or legislative procedures, or other official or public services, which the Faculty of Medicine conducts or provides its users
  • application admission procedure for enrollment in higher years of higher education
  • the process of recognition and evaluation of education
  • the election process in the names of higher education teachers, scientific workers and associates from habilitation areas UL MF

2.f List of oublic evidence, run by the Faculty of Medicine


Public records: /

List of collections:

  • Record of registered candidates for enrollment and enrolled students
  • Student's personal card
  • Evidence records of the exam
  • Records of graduates
  • Evidence of nostrification of foreign diplomas
  • Record of recognition of education UL MF
  • Library User Records
  • Records of researchers
  • Records of employees
  • Record of remuneration
  • Record of injuries at work

2.g List of other digital data base collections


other digital data base collections: /

3. Ways to access public information at UL MF 

The data is available physically every working day during the morning hours at deanary UL MF, Vrazov trg 2, room 4.

4. Expenses

The UL MF may charge to the applicant for material costs where these exceed EUR 20 (including VAT), in accordance with the​​​​​​ Regulation on the transmission and re-use of public information.

The prices of material costs for the transmission of public information are (excluding VAT):

  • one side of the photocopy or A4 printed form A4 0.06 euros
  • one side of the photocopy or printed format A3 0.13 euros
  • one side of the photocopy or printed larger format 1.25 euros
  • one side of a color photocopy or printed A4 format, 0.63 euros
  • one side of a color photocopy or printed A4 format is 1.25 euros
  • one side of a color photocopy or a printed large format of 2.50 euros
  • electronic record on one CD of EUR 2.09
  • electronic record on one DVD-R CD of 2.92 euros
  • electronic record on one USB stick, the price at which the USB key is purchased
  • converting one page of A4 document from physical to electronic form 0.08 euro
  • converting one page of A3 document from a physical to an electronic form of 0.20 euros
  • postage for sending information by mail in accordance with the valid price list for postal services.


5. List of frequently asked information

  1. on the procedure for electing to the pedagogical title 
  2. study conditions 
  3. on the recognition of education 
  4. on tuition fees and other service prices