Corporate identity


On 27 June 2023 the University of Ljubljana Senate approved the conceptual design for the new corporate image, which was selected in a public competition. The image retains the three previous key elements of the visual identity, these being the stylised depiction of the Provincial Assembly building, the colour red and the lettering, but in a way that enhances their recognisability and the universality of their use. At the same time, through an original artistic clarity it modernises the sign symbolising a modern university with a tradition. 

The use of the logo of Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ljubljana is permitted in accordance with the Corporate Identity Guidelines (version 1.0.1 – only available in Slovenian language). To verify the use, please contact the Corporate Identity Guardianship (cgp(at)uni-lj.si).

Logo Faculty of Medicine at University of Ljubljana ENG

Logo Faculty of Medicine at University of Ljubljana SLO